Polaris 1994-2004 All Genesis MSX 1200 250 HO Virage Flush Kit


1994-2004 Polaris All Genesis MSX 1200 250 HO VIRAGE 780 Flush Kit A6000

A6000 Polaris Flush Kit

Comes with all instructions and easy to install. The quick and easy way to flush your Polaris watercraft. Easy flushing of cooling system keeps it functioning at maximum efficiency. Purifies the system of debris and contaminants including salt water, sand, and sediment.

Allows you to run your machine on a garden hose and flush out of any harmful deposits left in your cooling system by lake or ocean water.

SL650 1994-1995, SL750 1994-1995, SL700 1996-1997, SLT750 1994-1995, SLX780 1995-1996, SL780 1996-1997, SLT700 1996-1997, SL900 1996-1997, HURRICANE 1996-1997, SLT780 1996-1997, SLTX 1996-1997, SLX785 1997-1998, SLTH 1998-1999, SLTX 1998-1999, SLH 1998-2001, SLXH 1998, SLX 1999-2001, PRO 1999-2000, GENESIS (CARBURATED) 1999-2002, Virage (CARBURATED) 2000-2004, VIRAGE TX (CARBURATED) 2000-2002, OCTANE 2002-2004FREEDOM 2002-2004

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  • Model: A6000